I’ve updated this post. again. So, i’ve deleted the other one and have posted a new one. Once i get more, i will deleted this post, update it and blog a new one. Enjoy.

I’ve been playing Pokemon Y off and on for 6 months and there’s a few things that i still need help with doing. I need help with completing my pokedex and items for pokemon to evolve with through either trading, during the day/night or just giving it to them to evolve. Here are the items that i need for evolve pokemon through the trading or just to give to them to evolve -  1 Razor Claw, 1 Oval Stone, 1 Up-Grade, 1 Reaper Cloth, 1 Protector, 2 Metal Coats, 1 Magmarizer, 2 King’s Rocks, 1 Electirizer, 1 Dubious Disc, 1 Dragons Scale, 1 Deepsea Tooth, 1 Deepsea Scale, 1 Dawn Stone, 4 Dusk Stones, 4 Shiny Stones, 2 Sun Stones, & 6 Moon Stones. Here are the Pokemon i still need to see for my Pokedex - Rhyperior, ChinChou, Voltorb. I got alot more for the National Pokedex, but that can be done with help later. So, if anyone can help with all of this, I will be really greatful.